Friday, August 21, 2009

my boss had some nice things to say about me

It is difficult for me to write about Jean-Daniel without sounding suspiciously enthusiastic. Sure - he is beautiful boy, but there were many beautiful boys coming through my hands in last 15 years. Jean-Daniel (his real name is Thomas) is a fairly different case though. He is the essence of what I am looking for when searching for a model. His physique is near perfect with a few small imperfections, making him all the more desirable. He has wonderful presence and character and his few innocent vices make him even more endearing. He is passionate and sexually intense without being kinky. And when he tries to be kinky he does it in very charming and playful way.

When Jean-Daniel first arrived, I asked him about shooting full sex scenes for us. He was very straightforward. He told me that he was not opposed to shooting and that he is in bad need of the money because he had a fairly high debt, but he wouldn't go ahead without asking his home-folks about it because he wouldn't lie to them. And so he did. He called me two weeks later, blushing through the telephone, telling me that he is free to go ahead and try it. Since then (April) he did several photo sessions - first a couple of fashion shoots in Paris, then with Howard Roffman, Greg Gorman, Marty Stevens and me. It was pleasure for all of us to work with him. At the time of writing this article he is finishing his fifth scene and getting better every time. It is interesting to see how happy he is coming here and working, discovering a whole new world. The trip to Paris was his first airplane trip; sharing a room with Luke, his first anal penetration; the trip to Budapest brought him his first drag show experience... All of it he loved immensely, feeling bit like Alice in Wonderland, and for me it was great fun to see him savoring it. By now his debts are paid off and he doesn't express any wish to quit and return to his previous lifestyle in an industrial neighborhood.

Sounds like love at fist sight, doesn't it? I can't know if he'll become a successful model of course, an audience is a unpredictable animal with occasional preferences for bitches. But we'll give it a try. In July you'll get his first solo, Johan's Journal entry with him and his first BJ scene. In September his first sex scene. I am damned if you'll hate it.

you can read the whole thing here article

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